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Food & Drink Packaging

15 years of experience in reusable circular solutions

FSG are your trusted partner helping caterers cut costs, lower carbon emissions and minimise waste

Don’t be Square – Be Circular

Pioneering a Circular Future in Food Services

Because this…

is not ok

FSG continue to drive sustainable change within the food service industry.

Our expertise helps thousands of catering establishments to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, financial costs and waste.

FSG have stopped more than 358 MILLION single-use food & drink disposables from being Littered, Landfilled or Incinerated.


Zero Waste Food Service Solutions

Discover our range of sustainable solutions designed for the modern, eco-friendly business.


In a world where single-use plastics are a significant environmental threat, choose to resuse with Eco-Takeout® food containers.

Zero Waste Cup

With 160 billion paper cups ending up in landfills annually, the Zero Waste Returnable Cup can be used 1000+ times.


Made from coffee husk waste, HuskeeCup represents a leap towards zero waste in the coffee industry.

Inspire Dinnerware

Designed for the Healthcare market, to empower individuals, enhance dignity and promote independance.


A range of high-quality aluminium cookware 1/3 the weight of Cast Iron, great for use on induction.

Our valued collaborators say

Clare Gwilliam

Food & Beverage Compliance Officer, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

"From the first time we met FSG, your passion about what you & your products stand for is contagious & your enthusiasm rubs off on everyone involved & continues to do so each time we meet you. Everything has run so smoothly & seamlessly thanks to you guys."

Petar Soritov

Account Director, Restaurant Associates at EBRD, Canary Wharf corporate office

“We introduced FSG’s Returnable Solution at our prestigious Canary Wharf offices and are delighted with the enhanced sustainable dining experience compared to disposable options. The exemplary service and expertise provided by FSG has been commendable”

Iain Robertson

Catering Manager, Solent NHS Trust

“With FSG’s expert help and guidance, Solent NHS introduced FSG Returnables in May 2023, a circular solution to replace expensive and unsustainable single-use disposables. This initiative has been a huge success, enabling us to embrace a Reuse, Rethink, and Return Culture in our Hospitals.”

Innovating the Workplace

We empower corporate clients to create sustainable, efficient workplaces that foster productivity and employee wellbeing. Our zero waste solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Innovative Products for HealthCare

We deliver solutions that help healthcare providers offer superior patient care and dignity while ensuring safety and compliance. Our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry, from hospitals to care homes.

Supporting Educational Excellence

Education institutions face the dual challenge of providing high-quality learning environments while managing resources efficiently. Our zero waste solutions are crafted to support educational excellence, from primary schools to universities.

Elevating Hospitality Experiences

In the hospitality sector, the guest experience is paramount. Our quality range of zero waste products, ensures that your establishment stands out for its quality and sustainability, making every visit memorable.

Sustainable Solutions for Food Service

Our commitment to sustainability drives innovation in the food service industry. We help catering establishments significantly reduce their carbon footprint, costs, and waste while delivering a superior dining experience.