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At FSG Returnables, we offer a comprehensive suite of sustainable solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of the food service industry. Our product lines are carefully curated to ensure they support our mission of environmental responsibility, social benefit, and economic viability.

Sustainable Solutions for the Food Service Industry

Eco Takeouts

Revolutionising Takeaway: Eco Takeouts are the cornerstone of our commitment to reducing single-use waste in the food service sector.

As a pioneering reusable container system, they offer an efficient, sustainable alternative to disposable packaging.

Ideal for universities, corporate dining facilities, and street food vendors, Eco Takeouts are not just products; they’re a step towards a greener planet.

Zero Waste Cups

Sip Sustainably: Our Zero Waste Cups are designed to tackle the environmental issues posed by disposable coffee cups.

Made from durable, recyclable materials, these cups offer a practical solution for cafes, restaurants, and on-the-go consumers.

With a lifespan of over 1,000 uses, they significantly reduce waste and carbon footprint, all while keeping your drink at the perfect temperature.


From Coffee Husk to Coffee Cup:

HuskeeCup utilises the organic waste from coffee production – the husk – to create beautiful, durable, and reusable cups.

This innovative approach not only reduces waste but also provides an eco-friendly alternative to single-use coffee cups.

HuskeeCups are perfect for coffee aficionados and businesses looking to make a sustainable choice.

Inspire Dinnerware

Dining with Dignity:

The Inspire Dinnerware collection is specially designed to empower individuals with limited mobility and enhance their dining experience.

Developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, our adapted dinnerware pieces and are both practical and dignified.

Inspire Dinnerware is making a positive impact in hospitals, care homes, and households across the country.


Hot Solutions for Cool Operations:

Heiss offers a range of high-quality, durable cookware for the food service industry. Made from lightweight Cast Aluminium, 1/3 the weight of traditional cast iron cookware Heiss is easy to handle.

Compatible with induction, gas and electric ranges. Heiss products are engineered for performance, safety, and sustainability.